harnessing terahertz technology
Company History
HT Consultants Ltd is the world's first scientific consultancy firm, dedicated to offering independent and impartial advice and technical support in the field of terahertz (THz) technology. HT Consultants Ltd was founded in October 2003 to bridge the gap between terahertz research, industry and commerce to facilitate the development of this new field.

Since its foundation, HT Consultants Ltd has assisted companies and organisations in the US and UK on new terahertz projects and conferences. The company is actively involved in many scientific communities, such as Photonics Cluster, SPIE and the Institute of Physics, and is currently developing a terahertz community to facilitate collaborative initiatives and commercialisation worldwide.

The company was recently invited to be on the programme committee for the first medical session on terahertz technology at Biomedical Optics (BiOS) 2005 in the USA. As a member of small and medium enterprise (SME), homeland security and standards committees in both the US and UK, HT Consultants Ltd takes an active interest in all potential application areas for this new and exciting field.
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