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Applications of Terahertz Technology
Terahertz radiation is non-invasive and non-ionizing. It can be used to simultaneously image objects (imaging) and identify the type of object under investigation (spectroscopy). Objects can be investigated in both reflection (analogous to radar) and transmission (looking through the object). Since the advent of pulsed coherent generation and detection, terahertz has been used to investigate flames, the structure of water, biomolecules, drugs, explosives and toxic substances to name but a few.

The ability of THz radiation to 'see through' many common materials such as paper, clothing, plastic, and leather has opened up the technology to several key markets. In the last ten years the dramatic increase in research groups, conferences and papers in this area is testament to the exciting future prospects of this emerging technology.

Although the role of terahertz technology remains to be determined, four key markets are currently being investigated.
Security and defence >
Pharmaceutical >
Medical >
Non destructive testing and quality control >
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