harnessing terahertz technology  
The future role of terahertz technology in the medical industry is only beginning to be realised. Recently terahertz has been used to investigate diseased tissue - in 1999 the first terahertz images of tooth decay (caries) were published, followed by the first terahertz images of skin cancer in 2001. The ability of terahertz to distinguish between diseased and normal tissue highlights the role of this technology as a pre-operative surgical tool for identifying the spread of skin cancer below the surface of the tissue, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. As terahertz is able to see through surgical dressings it may also play an important role in the monitoring of wound healing. The additional sensitivity of terahertz to water and ability to image skin in vivo, opens up potential of terahertz in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for assessing the effectiveness of topical therapies and creams.

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Terahertz technology offers the potential for non-invasive real-time analysis, particularly in the dermatological industry.
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