harnessing terahertz technology
Corporate training courses
SPIE SC697 - Terahertz Techniques in Medical Imaging and Spectroscopy
8:30AM-12:30PM, 26 Jan 2005, Photonics West 2005, San Jose, CA. HT Consultants Ltd

This course will introduce the basic techniques in terahertz technology for medical imaging and spectroscopy. The course reviews the progress of the technology in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and discusses the current advantages and disadvantages of the technology compared to other optical imaging and spectroscopy techniques. The methods required for the successful imaging and spectroscopy of biological samples will be discussed, in addition to good working practices. The student will receive an understanding of the challenges and potential of terahertz technology for medical imaging and spectroscopy.

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'The recent surge in activity in the field has lead to an increased profile of the technology, funding and demand for innovation.'
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